Sexting… everyone is doing it.

You mention "sexting" and I think of these stupid kids sending text messages with pictures of themselves either naked or in very compromising positions.  Not too smart if you ask me.  Maybe I'm lucky that cell phones and social media weren't around when I was that age. Although, I'd like to think I had more sense than to get caught up in it back then.  But, sexting isn't just for hormone driven kids anymore.  Adults are having their fair share of fun with it now, including some notable … [Read more...]

So just what is Swinging?

swing·ing/ˈswiNGiNG/ - verb - slang - exchanging spouses for sex: swinging married couples So just what is swinging and what is it all about?  Swinging, swapping (or whatever else you want to call it) is an act where people in a committed relationship engage in sexual activity with others.  An estimated 2-4% of the married American population consider themselves swingers. This activity is becoming more popular and more openly discussed.  This increase can probably be attributed to the rise of … [Read more...]