How it all started

When we meet people for the first time, we are often asked how we decided to try this lifestyle comes up often. It all started rather innocently, I suppose.  I commented about how hot Mila Kunis is to The Hubby a few years ago while watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  That sparked a conversation about what other girls I think are sexy.  See, I tend to have more girls on “my list” than guys.  The Hubby told me that he thought I was more into girls than I would admit.  I knew it was true, but I had never been really comfortable talking about it (probably because of my very religious upbringing – that’s a story for another time).

A Confession… of sorts

That night I told him about a time in college that I totally could have had my first girl on girl experience but I chickened out and how I often wonder just how that experience would have gone.  Talking about it made us both so hot and we talked some more while having some awesome sex. It was a good night! 😉  From there, the idea of adding another person to our time together became a fantasy that we talked about and had fun with quite often.

Ready for more

Things went on that way for a while… swinging was a fantasy.  But after talking about it for so long, we wanted to take things to the next step.  Curiosity got the best of the both of us.  We found a site where we could make a profile and search for other people with similar interests… sort of a couples dating site.  It took us a few days to write our profile and get it up live.  We exchanged a few messages with couples until we found a few that looked and sounded nice and we decided to meet.

The rest is (swinging) history as they say.  We’ve met some really nice and fun people along the way, even some people we consider good friends now.  We are very selective about who we meet and even more selective about who we play with.  This lifestyle isn’t about quantity for us.  It’s all about quality.  We aren’t looking to replace an aspect of our relationship, but feel that these experiences add to our already great one.

All in all, swinging had been a good experience for The Hubby and I.  That doesn’t mean that every experience has been good though.  I have some stories to tell.


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