Sexting… everyone is doing it.

You mention “sexting” and I think of these stupid kids sending text messages with pictures of themselves either naked or in very compromising positions.  Not too smart if you ask me.  Maybe I’m lucky that cell phones and social media weren’t around when I was that age. Although, I’d like to think I had more sense than to get caught up in it back then.  But, sexting isn’t just for hormone driven kids anymore.  Adults are having their fair share of fun with it now, including some notable celebrities and politicians (who took things a little too far and got caught doing it).  Hell, even I got a taste of how exciting it is.  😉

We set up a date with a couple who live a few hours away from us but were in our area for a few days.  Dinner went great and we really hit it off.  Since they aren’t close and we can’t just meet easily all the time, we all decided to text each other.  You can imagine the course that conversation eventually took.  You ARE dealing with four people who really like sex.

OMG!  Did I just hit Send?!?

If you asked me, even a year ago, if I would have taken a picture of myself and sent it someone else, I would have said it would never EVER happen.  Oh but I did it – and it was totally exhilarating and liberating.  I can see why people enjoy it so much.  It felt dangerous… scandalous even.  I liked it.  After an afternoon of sexting with these people, The Hubby and I were so hot and horny.  It was total greatness!  I never would imagine it to be such a turn on.

We talk to our friends through text still.  Sometimes it gets naughty but I sexy The Hubby during the day all the time now.  I tell him all the things I want to do to him later that night.  I tell him how he makes me feel when he fucks me the way I like.  Sometimes, I even snap a quick photo of his favorite bra and panties before I leave in the morning (I’ll send it to him later that day).  He sexts me back as well.  I’ve found my “inner goddess” because of sexting.  I’m more comfortable saying even the dirtiest things now.

 I bet you just sang that caption, didn’t you?!? 🙂

Be Smart about Sexting!!

Now, let me be clear about something.  I’m not advocating taking pictures of yourself and sending them out to just anyone.  Be smart about it.  Get to know who you are sexting.  You should assume that at some point that message or picture will be seen by someone other than the intended recipient.  It’s bound to happen.  Make sure that your face is never in any photo you send.  If you have tattoos, take them out of the photo.  It’s easy to do with any photo editor.  Don’t leave those photos on your phone.  Delete them after you are finished with them.  Think of what would happen to them if your phone was lost or stolen.  Just use some common sense, sext away and enjoy yourself.

It’s Official 

By the way, did you hear that “sexting” was added to the Mirriam-Webster dictionary for 2012?  It’s true, check it out.


Have you ever sexted someone else?  How did it make you feel?





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