Spice It Up: Touch

Everyone needs a little spice in their relationship.  It keeps things exciting and feeling new.  The change of pace offers you a chance to reconnect.  It’s easy to do too!  You don’t need to spend a lot of money or make elaborate plans (or have sex with other people).

It amazes me how many couples barely touch. We have friends who never touch each other.  They never act affectionate towards each other.  They act as though they are just two people co-habitating.  Yet, they complain that their relationship has lost its spark.  When you act as if you don’t like each other, I wonder why you don’t feel a spark there.

The Hubby and I aren’t into grand displays of PDA.  We don’t walk down the street hand in hand.  But we find ways to touch each other all day long.  We sneak kisses and hugs.  We jump into the shower with the other to scrub our backs.  We watch TV cuddled up on the couch or in bed.  We give each other back scratches and massages.  We make out.  We make love.  Think about how much is conveyed between two people with just a touch.

Touch each other again

Want to spice it up?  Touch each other again.  How easy is that?!?

  • Surprise your lover with a massage.
  • Grab your man’s ass and tell him he’s sexy.
  • Walk up behind your girl and put your arms around her.
  • Kiss each other.  Hug each other.

Find ways to sneak in a touch here and there.  It makes us feel good.  It makes us feel (and keeps us) connected to one another.


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