Step Away from the Alcohol

The Hubby and I are social drinkers and like to enjoy a drink or two when we are out.  OK… I like to enjoy a drink or two when I’m at home as well! 🙂 But we both know our limit and have no problem at all in turning down another round.  I know that everyone is not this way.  We have plenty of friends who drink to excess and make fools of themselves.  Drinking to excess and swinging do not go together.

This brings me to a couple that we’ve met a few times now… each time with the hopes of having some adult fun with them.

Strike 1

The first time we met, we ended up in their hot tub after dinner and drinks.  It all started well.  We had a good conversation going and his wife was getting a little frisky.  She and I kissed and touched and The Hubby and I thought it was all going to lead to something fun.  Until we looked over and saw that he had passed out.  I mean snoring a log passed out… there was no waking him up at all.  That meant our night was over before it even began.  Not a big deal in our eyes.  It was late and we had all had a few drinks.  So The Hubby and I headed home.

Strike 2

Fast forward to a few weeks later, we met again. Drinks and dinner go well and we end up at their place again.  We are all messing around and it is getting more heated.  I ask him to get a condom before we go any further.   He heads to the other room to get one and never comes back.  I’m enjoying the view of The Hubby going down on her.  I wait a few minutes before asking his wife where the hell he went.  She goes looking for him and found him passed out in his bed.

Strike 3

I’m not sure why I even bothered to give him another chance, but I did. At this point, I feel like it’s a challenge.  Same scenario, we meet for dinner.  I mention to him that maybe he should go light on the drinks since I planned on fucking him later.  I figured that was direct enough to get my point across.  Dinner went nicely and the four of us start messing around. This time he can’t get hard.  Maybe he is shy, so he and I moved away from The Hubby and his wife for a bit of privacy.  That didn’t help.  I’ve done everything I know to do and he still can’t get hard.  Oh.My.God!!  Apparently, he started drinking before we ever met and the alcohol has ruined any chance he had of having sex with me.  He swears it will work; he’ll get it hard.  Just put the condom on and he’ll fuck me.  What a joke that was.  I’ve never been so aggravated in my life.  I wanted to tell him just how I felt and go home.  The only thing stopping me was that they are actually really nice people.  I shrug it off and try to be nice.  He wanted to cuddle and hold me instead.  Umm, no thanks.  I found The Hubby and we were out of there.

Apparently, The Hubby didn’t have a good time either.  It’s kind of hard to fuck someone when her cat keeps jumping on your back.  Not to mention cats make him itch.  LOL!  We both said it was the weirdest sexual experience we’d ever had.  We haven’t hung out with them again since.  I haven’t figured out a nice way to say that we just want to be friends without benefits.



  1. Alcohol. Just enough and you have a sexual lubricant. Too much and you are trying to screw a cadaver.

    The wife and I had a couple invited over to play. It wa sgoing to be her first time with another girl. She was texting (sexting?) with BJ and found out that BJ started drinking at 3PM. By the time they were on the floor and Becky was eating out BJ,she told me later that it was a horrible experience.

    This has happened twice with this couple. Her partner says that she won’t do anything unless she is toasted. I think that if she must be toasted to have fun, then she needs to find another hobby!

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